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Anhemland Barra Fishing Camp – Endyalgout Island

Available May to November

We are super excited to have access again to one of our old stomping grounds, the Arnhemland Barra Camp on the Endyalgout Island. It’s been a few years since we have used the camp but we have been fishing area (Mini Mini System) on our Mothership Charters.

The mothership is still an option but with limited availability and some people preferring the land based options it’s great to have another option for you.

With over 20 years in existence the camp and the area is a well known Big Barra destination. We just love fishing this are and are sure you will also.

Getting there
The Mini Mini River / Endyalgout Island Remote Camp is a scenic 50 minute flight from Darwin along the coast and you will be greeted with the sight of a complex extensive mangrove system with islands and coral reefs scattered on the seaward side Your aircraft will land on one of these islands only 5 minutes from camp.

When to Go?
This remote camp operates between May and November each year with the most comfortable weather being between June and August. Like all tidal Top End destinations, the periods closer to the wet tend to be more reliable a greater chance of trophy fish. Tours are organised to coincide with the preferred moon phases.

The Camp
Situated on a shell grit beach under shady trees are several permanent tropical friendly safari style tents. These are designed to catch the sea breezes and are fitted with comfortable bedding and fans that will ensure a good nights sleep after a hard days fishing and a meal of Barra and mud crabs. There are three single beds in each tent, lighting and fans. Common areas include a substantial mess area with indoor and outdoor under cover dining and lounge areas. The kitchen is incorporated in this area. Flushing toilets and showers with great water pressure are in a separate building. It’s pretty unique to have a set up where you can land light aircraft a couple of minutes walk from camp and the boats are moored on the beach where the camp is situated. This certainly minimises any mucking around and maximises time spent fishing.

The camp has a large kitchen and dining area with fans, 240 volt power supply, ample fridges and freezers. Just because you are in the middle of no where doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a good feed. Mud Crabs that can cost $40 a serve in restaurants and Barra are always on offer.  You will also be pleased with great BBQ meals and roast dinners. Make sure you get the chef to whip up some of his famous beer battered Barra. Finish the day sitting around the dining table swapping yarns with a cold drink or two before crashing in your comfortable bed to rest before doing it all again the next day. In the morning after a good breakfast which can comprise cereals, toast or a cooked meal you will fish until a lunch that usually comprises sandwiches made fresh aboard but can include treats like chilled mud crab (If you’ve left any from the last nights feast).

The Fishing
Barramundi is the prime target and we consider this a big Barra hotspot. There is a fantastic variety of fishing options. Cast lures to feeding schools of Trevally and Queenfish.  Threadfin salmon patrol mangrove channels and drains.  Estuary cod and Groper lurk in holes and rock ledges to pounce on passing lure with savage strikes and bulldogging fights. Golden Snapper here grow big and mean, the way they eat lures we are not sure if they love them or hate them.  Black Jewfish here are not uncommon on lures while trolling for barra. All our safari boats are 5.5 metre to 6 metres in length and run 4-stroke environmentally friendly outboards. The Boats are built to government regulations. Our professional guides are fully accredited with many years of experience fishing the tropical waterways of the Northern Territory and no one knows this area better.

Saltwater and ocean species: QUEENFISH, GOLDEN & GIANT TREVALLY.

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